Kevin Hackett was born in Limerick, Ireland, his childhood immersed in the rugged landscape of the Irish West Coast. In his youth, Kevin travelled the urban landscapes of Europe, and was exposed to a richness of architecture and culture that led him to undergraduate and graduate studies in Architecture at the University of Plymouth in the U.K. Following work at award-winning firms in Ireland, Paris, and Shanghai, Kevin moved to San Francisco, where he was appointed Design Director for British Architect Johnny Grey’s U.S. office.

In 2007, he co-founded Síol with Jessica Weigley with the intention of promoting a multidisciplinary mindset. Together, they have established a new typology of practice, one that focuses on an integrative process that explores a deeper connectivity between self and place.

Kevin is a licensed architect and AIA member. He lectures regularly on Architecture and Design in the Bay Area. He previously taught a studio at California College of the Arts, and currently teaches a class on Design Philosophy at Academy of Art University.