There is more than meets the eye. Space, with its materials and shapes, light and shadow, solid and void, is perceived with our whole bodies. These aspects unfold and create relationships that connect us to our environments in a multitude of layers.

We are under no illusion: the spaces we create are for others. Your complexities inspire us. We create a safe container for expression that is essential to our design process. We see design as a tool for cultivating awareness and unlocking potential.

Urban, suburban, or rural— the site is the foundation for our design process. We are trained to listen and gather information from the multitude of sources that define a site. It is our role as designers to interpret this body of knowledge and uncover the genius loci of the site.

Nature is our teacher. We have reverence for nature as a process that guides our explorations into sustainable development. From building footprints to outline specifications, every decision is navigated within this lens. We align our practice toward restoring balance in the human ecosystem.

For further insight, we invite you to read our paper: Towards an Integral Architecture.