Robo Gerson

Robo Gerson’s design philosophy draws on his work with photography, carpentry, horticulture, vintage cars and motorcycles. A LEED-certified, registered architect in the State of California and a member of the AIA, his professional background includes everything from parks, bridges, and municipal projects to single and multi-family residences (including his own in San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood).

Joining Síol as partner in 2012, he brings to the practice a belief in simple and honest materials and an extensive understanding of how to move a project seamlessly from conception to completion. He previously worked with the astute and technical Wayne Barcelon of Barcelon + Jang, the visionary Paul Endres of Endres Ware, and as a Senior Architect for Pentagram.

Jessica Weigley

Jessica began her career in education, earning a master’s degree in the field and subsequently spending time teaching both in Namibia with the Peace Corps and in Hawaii. Upon moving to San Francisco, she returned to her lifelong interest in design – now transitioning that interest to the professional realm, beginning with her appointment to Johnny Grey’s U.S. design team.

In 2007, Jessica co-founded Síol with Kevin Hackett, leading the interiors team with the belief that designed spaces are akin to a second skin: something we inhabit, reflecting who we are internally to the external world. Her work on both residential and public projects is characterized by a deep examination of the relationship between a space and its future inhabitants.

Jessica has co-designed several rooms for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House and was named a “designer to watch” by California Home + Design.

Kevin Hackett AIA

Kevin Hackett was born in Limerick, Ireland, his childhood immersed in the rugged landscape of the Irish West Coast. In his youth, Kevin travelled the urban landscapes of Europe, and was exposed to a richness of architecture and culture that led him to undergraduate and graduate studies in Architecture at the University of Plymouth in the U.K. Following work at award-winning firms in Ireland, Paris, and Shanghai, Kevin moved to San Francisco, where he was appointed Design Director for British Architect Johnny Grey’s U.S. office.

In 2007, he co-founded Síol with Jessica Weigley with the intention of promoting a multidisciplinary mindset. Together, they have established a new typology of practice, one that focuses on an integrative process that explores a deeper connectivity between self and place.

Kevin is a licensed architect and AIA member. He lectures regularly on Architecture and Design in the Bay Area. He previously taught a studio at California College of the Arts, and currently teaches a class on Design Philosophy at Academy of Art University.