Pacific Avenue Residence

We were asked to re-envision a dark, damp basement in a Pacific Heights home. We chose to create a variation of a meditation chamber: a space for reflecting, reading, thinking and meditating. Entering the room, you are greeted by a Balinese-inspired wall and given a choice to enter mindfully from either left or right.

Upon entering, you encounter a board-formed concrete wall with an embedded LED focal light providing the focus point found across many meditation practices. Wide wing walls are placed on either side of the focus wall and can be manipulated to control the amount and diffusion of light in the space. This incorporates the medieval idea of reflecting light into space and allows the occupant to customize illumination depending on time of day or one’s practice within the space.

Additional features include an antique yellow pine floor that is hand-scraped and finished with tung oil as well as a tea ledge made of live-edge acacia wood.

Year: 2009
Location: Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 400
Typology: Meditation Space