Valley Street

The home begins with a sort of handshake: a steel grate bridge that carries visitors through its threshold, marking the transition between Valley Street’s craftsman exterior to its warm and subtly rough-edged interiors. Framed by a fine grid of metal, the soft hillside below peers into the space.

The threshold leads into a long, open-plan living space as the home releases toward the wide-windowed rear facade. Here, the filigree textures of the landscape enter the space through a grid of black mullions, verdant softness in an embrace with metal rigidity. This industrial richness abounds inside, as concrete meets walnut floors, which in turn meet burnished steel.

In the kitchen, flower-like forms undulate in a mural that brings a moment of saturated color into an otherwise neutral, warm palette. Timber trussing overhead subtly sections off the space, its soft, worn-in solidity contrasting with the meticulous finish of the adjacent walnut-and-steel stair. This stair connects to another that leads down into the more private floors of the home. Here, the home’s material palette winnows, and subtle sightlines dictate movement through the space. Nature appears more subdued, as through the frosted glass of the shower window, dancing in a hush of mottled light.

Dwell: A Craftsman Bungalow in San Francisco Gets a Striking, All-Glass Rear Facade

Year: 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 3,280
Typology: Renovation/ Single Family Residential