Artist Studio

This unbuilt project was designed for a San Mateo watercolor artist as a simple studio with abundant light. Only 250 square feet, the client required just a sink/counter and space for easels. The footprint of the studio was designed to maximize the amount of necessary northern light for watercolor painting.

To ensure as much light as possible, we designed a large, bifold door opening to the outside. The structure itself is designed to appear as if it is emerging from the earth; this effect is achieved via berming against the structure’s concrete foundation.

The butterfly roof of the structure integrates photovoltaic solar panels to provide power for the studio. It also supports the large sections of glass bringing northern light into the space and filtering the direct sunlight from the south.  Rainwater via drains that are then extended out into the intended wild, native Northern California landscape for irrigation purposes.

Year: 2011
Location: San Bruno, CA
Square Footage: 500
Typology: Artist Studio