Longmont Workshop

After years of working in the Bay Area, a couple – along with their dog and chickens – moved to a former horse ranch a few miles outside of Boulder, Colorado, on which they could live and pursue their creative endeavors. The nine-acre plot of land carried several outbuildings related to the ranch, along with a traditional barn that Síol was tasked with adapting to serve as the couple’s studio, a shared space in which they could each pursue their individual work. On the main floor: a full machine and welding shop. Upstairs: a sewing and design studio.

Western Red Cedar was used for the exterior siding, chosen for its ability to shift tonally through time and weather. Skylights were added to the south-facing roof, allowing natural light into the upper workroom throughout the day. An open trellis traces the southern façade, offering a shaded spot to relax on summer days. Large multi-fold doors open to let in a fresh breeze during the warmer months, and can be shielded with a modernized sliding barn door during storm season.

Small personal details were incorporated throughout the studio, including a handmade sink made by the client’s father and from materials found on-site, and an open steel-and-wood guardrail that defines the central connective stairwell that was cut, welded, and fabricated by the client.

Year: 2017
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Square Footage: 1,385
Typology: Adaptive Reuse