Siol Architects Masonic Lodge Exterior Rendering

Mission Masonic Lodge

Folded into its setting on Mission Street, rising above the bright signage of a ‘Factory-2-U’ store, is an ornate Romanesque brick building constructed at the turn of the 19th century and christened 120 years ago: the Mission Masonic Lodge. The 1945 addition of the new lodge and dining spaces included also an Art Deco terracotta facade that weaves the building into its Mission Street elevation, protected as one of the few remaining commercial examples of the Streamline Moderne aesthetic of the city.

As part of its revitalization, aimed at both restoring the historic structure and modernizing the mid-century addition, we turned our attention toward the Bartlett Street entry and car park, where a new elevator tower provides accessibility to the third-floor assembly space and acts as marker for the building. At night, the rhythmic brick protrusions in the lower reaches of the tower cast their deep shadows, the brick pattern dissolving as it rises toward the perforations that mark the tower wall at its highest reaches. At night, artificial light seeps through this skin, and the tower becomes a beacon for the Masonic community.

A new outdoor patio offers a space for members and visitors to gather, with an added green wall, stairs, and lighting that create a complementary language for the historic brick facade. The 19th-century interior details— hand-built chairs, chandeliers, ornamentation, and upper wainscoting— are restored throughout.

Year: 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 16,000
Typology: Assembly