Washington Street Residence

A turret marked the corner of this upper-floor room, which made it a natural selection for a playroom for the client’s young children. Built on partner Jessica Weigley’s extensive background in education and inspired by the Waldorf principles, the design employs organic materials, green technologies (a wind turbine and solar-powered irrigation on its terrace), and inventive elements to provide children with room to learn, dream, and create.

The soft geometries of the room begin in the rounded space of the turret, which holds an activities table for crafts and drawing, the wall buffered by a series of soft pads to allow for safe movement. A raised stage opposite the turret bows out into the room, and is bounded by a curved wall with an inset gallery to hold the children’s art.

Embedding an element of discovery into the space, a bookshelf pivots to reveal a 36 square-foot “secret room,” which holds two curved ramps covered in soft, stain-resistant, hand-tufted, organic wool – niches for reading, talking, napping, or daydreaming.

Year: 2010
Location: Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 500
Typology: Single Family Residence