Siol Architects Tiburon Bluff Exterior Rendering

Tiburon Bluff House

This project remodel is sited on a bluff with sweeping views across the San Francisco Bay. It is located off of the Tiburon peninsula ridge and lies northeast of the Ring Mountain Preserve, home to Coast Miwok Petroglyphs, unique plants, and impressive metamorphic outcrops.

In this design, we sought to respect the embedded history of place as well as the Coastal Miwok lineage that once inhabited these lands. Their culture intuitively understood the inherent local energies, air flow and were guardians of their environment. Their architecture was sensitive, non-invasive, and resonated with their seasonal movements. It was paramount we understood this before embarking on the design process.

The design invokes the notion of a village, an important concept in Miwok architecture. In this ‘village,’ the various structures are integrated while preserving hierarchies and spatial relationships with each other. We also incorporate forms from the richly woven tule baskets of the tribe. The recurring triangular forms seen in these baskets is translated into three-dimensional form via the structure’s varying rooflines.

The remodel of the one-story home includes reconfiguration of the front and rear entries and the inclusion of a new entry foyer. We have redesigned the living and dining room zones and have added a second story, with prominent stairs connecting the two floors. The second floor contains three new bedrooms, a studio, two bathrooms, and a private lounge. Outside, a pedestrian wayfinding route is introduced from the driveway, and landscaping is revised to follow the active and passive spaces surrounding the structure.

Year: 2016
Location: Tiburon, CA
Square Footage: 3,500
Typology: Single Family Residence