Siol Architects Tiburon Bluff Exterior Rendering

Tiburon Bluff

Sited on a bluff with sweeping views across the San Francisco Bay, this remodel project sits in the midst of lush greenery and impressive metamorphic outcrops, and on land embedded with the history of the Coastal Miwok lineage. Carrying forward from that lineage the Coastal Miwok’s intuitive understanding of inherent local energies and air flow and their sense of guardianship for the environment, the project seeks an architectural response that is sensitive and non-invasive.

The design looks to the complex sense of community formed in a village where, architecturally, structures are both integrated and distinct. This carried through to the programmatic design of the structure, with the hierarchies and relationships between individual spaces accented by the rise and fall of the roofline, which formally incorporates the recurring triangular motif of the Coastal Miwok’s woven tule baskets.

This remodel of a one-story home includes a reconfiguration of public spaces in the ground floor, as well as the addition of a second-story for private spaces, with prominent stairs connecting the two floors. Outside, a pedestrian wayfinding route is introduced, with landscaping revised to follow the active and passive routes surrounding the structure.

Year: 2016
Location: Tiburon, CA
Square Footage: 3,500
Typology: Single Family Residence