Siol Architects Masonic Lodge Exterior Rendering

Mission Masonic Lodge

Hidden behind the giant Factory-2-U sign is an ornate Romanesque brick building constructed at the turn of the 19th century and christened 120 years ago: the Mission Masonic Lodge. An addition to the original structure was built in 1945, which included a new lodge room, dining hall and the application of an Art Deco terracotta facade on the Mission Street elevation. This façade is now protected by historic preservation regulations as it is one of the few remaining commercial examples of the Streamline Moderne aesthetic in the city.

As part of the revitalization, Siol was asked to both restore the historic structure and modernize the mid-century addition. At the rear of the lot, the role of the Bartlett Street entry and car park were to be reconsidered. Siol’s design proposal includes the addition of a new elevator tower to provide accessibility to the new third-floor assembly space. The mixed English brick bond at the lower levels of the tower evolve into an American hybrid bond that reconfigures as the light penetrates the layers from within. The lower reaches of the tower have rougher brick protrusions contained within the bonds. As they vertically recede, the surface planes out and dissolves with brick size perforations within the wall. At night, artificial light seeps through this skin and the tower becomes a beacon for the Masonic community.

The unsightly HVAC and other utilities will be relocated to the roof to facilitate a new outdoor patio where members and visitors will gather. A new green wall, stairs, and lighting integrate to create a complimentary language juxtaposed with the historic brick façade. The 19th-century interior details – hand-built chairs, chandeliers, ornamentation, and upper wainscoting – will be restored throughout.

Year: 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 16,000
Typology: Assembly