Designed for a prominent video game creator, this home in Cow Hollow weaves unexpected inspiration from gaming elements through bright, light-filled spaces otherwise marked with natural elements. Running along the stairwell that ties the four floors of the home together, murals by noted San Francisco muralist Brian Barneclo explore gaming concepts in their colorful, intricate geometries and themes. Elsewhere in the home, we designed sofas to suggest shapes from the perennial video game favorite
“Tetris.” Colorful LED lights graphically define the edges of the billiards room and elevator, where one of the home’s more surprising elements reveals itself.

The elevator, a tight, dark capsule lit only by colorful LED lights, is bounded by a transparent sliding door. When the secondary door to each floor is closed, large supergraphics set against a black background alerts riders of each passing floor. When that secondary door is left open, the tight space of the elevator opens up to the striking brightness of the larger interiors, a heightened moment of contrast definitively marking your arrival.

Year: 2011
Location: Cow Hollow, San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 4,000
Typology: Single Family Residence